Automatic Standby Power/ Co-Generation

Automatic Stand-by Power Systems & Co-Generation

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As we all know many changes have occurred in the power generation / distribution industry in the past few years. A boom in construction has placed a huge demand on electric distribution systems that have been in place for a very long time. The local utility companies have not kept up with the demand that has been placed on their power distribution system. In addition we are not the only area effected by overburdened electric systems. Archibald Heating and Air Conditioning and Carrier are teamed up to combat this ever-growing problem. The solution, stand-by power generators. Please see below for the complete line of Carrier stand-by power generators.

Carrier Stand-by Generator Installation-Service Certified: MAY’06

The Complete Installation

-Generator Set

-Transfer Switch Set

-L.P. Piping and Certification

-Licensed Electrician Connection and Inspection NYBFU

-Start and Test

-Annual Maintenance and Service

  • 7kw – Can power a few circuits, we can work with you to determine the most important circuits for you. Well pump, heating, Refrigeration, Computer.
  • 12kw – Can give you a little more to power up your world.
  • 15kw – Can potentially power your entire house during a power failure.
  • 25kw – Will power your most major circuits in your home or office during a power failure with convenience outlet for your neighbor.
  • 40kw – Liquid cooled for longevity-40kw of power for the entire house. All major appliances, central air, well pump, heating system, hot water.

Co-Generation Power Systems!??

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