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The first Central Air Conditioning Systems Installed in the Hudson Valley!


Many changes have occurred in the last 10 years in the Air Conditioning Industry. The requirement to capture, recycle and reclaim refrigerant were part of the Montreal Protocol signed into law in 1991. The protocol required all installation and service personnel to be licensed to handle refrigerants.

Always on the leading edge, in the latter part of 1991 all personnel of Archibald Heating and Air Conditioningwere put through the training course and subsequent licensing procedure to handle refrigerants. We are proud to say that we were the first HVAC contractor to be licensed to handle refrigerants in the Hudson Valley.

The First local contractor to offer Central Air Conditioning!

In 1938 the technology for residential and commercial air Conditioning was in it’s infancy. Different manufacturers offering different types of refrigerants, different compressor types, no standardization.

My Grandfather and Grandmother installed some of the first residential and commercial Central Air Conditioning systems to be offered to the masses. The systems of the day were wildly inefficient, bulky, unwieldy to install and extremely expensive. Still Central Air Conditioning was here to stay!

Central Air Conditioning systems have become more and more prevelant in the last 20 years. Carrier as the largest manufacturer of heating and cooling products in the world has always had an eye on cutting edge technology. The advancements include Variable Speed Fan systems,“Super Dehumidification” options (one of the key components of a comfortable system), the introduction of Puron the “Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant”and new user interface devices.

In 2010 the manufacturers of air conditioning products will phase out the use of R-22. This phase-out is an extension of the Montreal Protocol. We at Archibald Heating and Air Conditioning have been preparing for the phase-out for 17 years. We were again on the cutting edge of the industry to offer “Environmentally Friendly” refrigerants as far back as 1992. This was the first year these products were offered by Carrier. As the phase-out takes affect the cost of service, maintenance and repair of Freon based systems will certainly skyrocket. This prediction can be likened to the phase-out which occurred in the automotive industry about ten years ago. We therefore strongle advise all of our clients to consider the use of refrigerants that will become the standard tomorrow.

There’s a 500 pound Gorilla in your attic and he’s eating your lunch!

SEER-Is that all to it?

All Central Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Systems fall under one rating system, SEER. Seasonal Energy Efficieny Rating is the amount of cooling produced with a given amount of energy, BTUH/ hour divided by power consumption in Watts. Seems pretty simple, but there’s much more to it than that. To achieve the actual ratings given to the equipment by manufacturers the system must be installed correctly.

The Gorilla located in your attic that is eating your lunch is actually driven by several factors. These factors are often providing lunch to that Gorilla are all too often driven by low-ball mentality contractors. So you think that you purchased a high efficiency Central Air Conditioning System? We can look at the low-ball mentailty and see why SEER can drop as much as 40% by substandard installations.

Several of the most common causes of low system performance affecting SEER:

1-Supply and Return air duct leakage: Leaks in the duct system can lead to uncomfortable operation and high energy consumption. return air leaks in the return ducts cause the system to draw in hot, humid air from the attic that overloads the fan coils ability to properly condition the air. The Energy Gorilla is alive and well in your attic!

2-Lack of proper charging during start up: Improper charging of the Air Conditioning System can cause the unit to experience longer than normal run cycles. Lack of proper charging can also affect the units ability to remove humidity. These cycles cause the energy consumption to increase, it also can cause damage to the compressor through lack of oil entrainment and lack of suction gas to cool the compressor valves. Lack of proper charging techniques will often cause a slow but sure failure of the system components. The Energy Gorilla is alive and well in your attic!

3-Undersizing of the duct system: The low-ball mentality of saving a few bucks on the ductwork is one of the largest contributors to the Energy Gorilla being well fed. Undersized return air ducts causing the fan coil unit to struggle to get enough air to properly evaporate refrigerant. The fan struggles to move enough air, the energy costs rise and the SEER begins to drop. Undersized Supply Air Ducts, once again here comes the fan performance curve. High static pressure, high air velocity and noisy air delivery.

4-Lack of maintenance: Dirty filters, low efficiency filtration, dirty duct systems. Did your system get installed with a low end filtration system, or no filtration at all? When was the last time the system filter got changed or cleaned? Proper maintenance is required for your system to operate efficiently and provide a long and healthy life. Installation contractors should stand behind the installed systems and offer service plans and extended warranties. Annual maintenance, the cleaning of coils, replacement of filters and overall system performance should not be forgotten.

5-Insulation: Current Energy Codes require minimum insulating values for duct systems installed after 2004. A lack of insulation in the duct system will lead to a lack of system performance and added energy costs.

We at Archibald Heating and Air Conditioning do not subscribe to the low-ball mentality. All of our systems are installed using accepted industry standards. From equipment sizing (bigger is not better), duct system design and lay-out and installation, we are constantly vigilant to provide you and your family with the highest quality installations available. 70 years of sizing, design and installation experience will be brought to your installation. Every system is custom engineered and designed with an eye on efficiency. Seams are sealed, plenums are attached to the equipment securely, holes in cabinets are sealed. These are small things to do during the installation process that can affect system performance throughout the system life-span.

The “Devil’s in the details” my Grandfather used to say. He was right in 1938 and he is still right today. We at Archibald Heating and Air Conditioning have not forgotten the basic rules of a quality installation. Through wars, recessions and three generations and 10,000 installations the basic concepts of quality have not fallen by the way-side.

I am proud to say that my son, Michael is currently involved in our family business. Michael is learning the business from the ground up. Seems to be the way for Archibald Heating and Air Conditioning, and may I say a good way. Michael is currently working with Master System installers. Learning how to install quality systems from individuals that are quality minded. these individuals are trained in the aspects of installing systems the “Archibald” way. A tried and true, passionate approach to insuring your system will stand the tests of time.

Together, we can starve that 500 pound Gorilla!

Things to consider when purchasing Central Air Conditioning or Heat Pump Systems

Refrigerant Type:

Puron vs. Freon

Looking into the future for the refrigerant of tomorrow. Added efficiency, lower operating costs and lower service costs tomorrow.



Variable Speed Fan

The operating cost difference between Fixed Speed Fans and Variable Speed Fans systems is huge. A Fixed Speed Fan costs $163.00 a year to operate in a typical system. The Variable Speed Fantechnology costs $14.00 per year.

Theres’s a good way to start starving that big ol’ Energy Gorilla livin’ in your attic or basement. As well as providing better dehumidification and added comfort through providing quieter, softer air-flow the Variable Speed technology can pay for itself very quickly.

Added benefit from an old friend:

Heat pump vs. Central Air Conditioning


Heating and Air Conditioning’s


Keeping you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s not! Ah, the added benefit of the Heat Pump. Working to keep you cool and comfortable all summer long, and then as the season changes working hard to keep your Heating costs down.

Yes, that’s right, a little added technology comes to the rescue to save you money from that Energy Gorilla livin’ in your basement sucking down your heating dollars. Integrated with your heating system this little apparatus can cut your heating costs by up to 20%. The “HYBRID COOLING SYSTEM”.

A Central Heat Pump Conditioning System used in conjunction with your current heating system.

The key ingredient to an efficient “SUPER CENTRAL AIRCONDITIONER“? The reversing valve. The reversing valve in a Heat pump has the ability to reverse the flow of the refrigerant. Gathering heat from outdoors and bringing it into your home. In mild temperatures a very efficient way to heat. Then when the temperature begins to drop the thermostat automatically brings in your current heating system.

Each system working together to defeat that Energy Gorilla living in your basement.

The reversing valve


Keeping your Indoor Air Clean

Poor filtration and lack of filter maintenance and maintenance in general is the largest cause of compressor failure. Dirty evaporator coils allow particulates to pass through the filter and then they concentrate on the wet, cool evaporator coil. These particulates build-up on the evaporator unit the air-flow becomes restricted. Restricted air-flow leads to a lack of refrigerant evaporation, liquid refrigerant returns back to the compressor. When the liquid refrigerant hits the hot exhaust valves of the compressor they shatter. then, “viola” one failed compressor. Very expensive repair that probably could have been avoided.

Good filtration products remove harmful airborn particles that irritate our respiratory systems, clog up coils, retsrict air-flow etc. Adding these products whether during the installation process or add-ons to existing systems are extremely helpful.

The Carrier Pleated Media Filter The Carrier Electronic Air Cleaner

Carrier’s Filter line-up. The Pleated Media Filter and The Electronic Air Cleaner. Both have a superior ability to filter the air flowing through your home and equipment. They both utilize the same cabinet, so if you decide to upgrade from the Pleated Media Filter you don’t need to change the cabinet. Both filters will remove Pollen, Dust, Dander and all those little nasties that bother our Respiratory Systems.

Easy to install, easy to maintain, Archibald Heating and Air Conditioning can install the right filtration product for you and your family!

Contact us today for a consultation to find out which is the right option.

System Maintenance:

Is it that important?