Hydro-Tech Systems

Turn to The Experts!

70 Years of Efficient and over 10,000 Innovative Heating and Cooling Solutions

Together we can starve that 500 pound Gorilla living in you basement!


Fast to heat, fast to cool, energy efficient and, yes comfortable. All of the components are designed for maximum energy efficiency and provide the user with filtration, humidifcation and year round comfort.

  • Variable Speed Fan Coil – providing soft,quiet heated and cooled air to the space
  • Air Conditioner/Heat Pump – Delivering quiet, efficient cooling on hot days and efficient heating on those not so cold days
  • Electronic Air Cleaner – Scrubbing the air of all those little critters living in our air
  • Central System Humidification – Adding needed moisture to the building during heating season
  • System 2000 Boiler – Efficiently and quietly sqeezing every last drop of heating out of that energy bill
  • System 2000 Indirect Hot Water Heater – An endless amount of hot water for a fraction of the cost
  • System Controller – The reigning Master of Heating and Cooling Control, Complete with Back-Lit Touch Screen for ease of use
The Hydro-tech system. All that a Heating system could and should be! At Archibald Heating and Air Conditioning we have been installing the Hydro-tech System for over 20 years. Long before it became FASHIONABLE! This tried and true tchnology has come to the forefront in the last 10 years as the heating and cooling system of choice, but BE CAREFUL! There are many imitators of this system out there. Call today to find out why this should be your system of choice.
Our Engineers and System Designers will assist you in selecting the most comfortable, Energy Efficient Hydro-tech System out there.
Why wait?
Why spend another day or night with that sticky, dry, noisey, uncomfortable expensive to operate heating and cooling system?