Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality-

How Important?

As a society must of us spend 80-90% of our time indoors. Our houses and work places are much more energy efficient than they were 20 years ago. New windows, new doors and added insulation. They all make for a more energy efficient structure. That is good for our comfort and our energy bills, but the houses of today do not “breathe” the way houses did 20 years ago.

Exchanging Fresh Air: An Open Window”

One way to compensate for the lack of fresh air is to install and ERV or Energy Recovery Ventilator. The Ventilator will introduce “fresh” air to your home or workplace and “exhaust” stale contaminated air to outside, thus providing a source of clean, fresh air to your structure. The unit can be installed on a timer to “open a window” at any time to provide you that much needed fresh air while capturing most of the energy from the exhausted air. Ask us how we can install a Carrier Energy Recovery Ventilator to either compliment your existing heating and cooling system, or use the unit as a stand alone system.

Filtration: Removing Particulates: “Clearing the Air”

Mold, Mildew, Dust, Pollen,Viruses, Bacteria, yes they all live in our indoor air. They circulate through our house via the duct system, normal air currents in the house and yes even the vacuum cleaner. You probably never thought of the vacuum cleaner as a means of disturbing and moving all those particulates. Look at the air when the sunlight enters the window at the correct angle. Can you see all of those floating particles?

Yes they can be removed from the airstream! Installation of high efficiency filtration on your existing heating or cooling system can remove 99.9% of all of those little nastys that cause respiratory issues. They certainly are not being removed by that blue fiberglass filter purchased at a local home store, they can be only 20% effective in removing particulates. 20%, where does the rest go? Well it sticks to the cooling coil, the inside of the duct system and whats left goes back to the house!

Humidification: Adding moisture”

Dry air, Sinus problems, cracked wood floors and fine furniture. These are only a few of the problems created by dry air. We can treat the air for moisture problems with the use of a central system humidifier. Central system humidification will raise the indoor air relative humidity every time the heating system turns on. The relative humidity in your structure can be adjusted to the outdoor temperature either at the furnace or very conveniently at the Thermidistat.



Duct Cleaning: “Source Removal Technology”

A dirty duct system is nothing more than a breeding ground for many things that bother our respiratory systems. “Source Removal Technology” employs a large 2500 cfm vacuum to create negative air pressure on the inside of the duct system. The register faces are blanked off with plastic sheeting and then are cleaned one branch duct at a time. All register faces are removed, cleaned, sanitized and replaced. All plenums, chambers and the cabinet of the furnace or air handler are also hand-wiped and sanitized. “Source Removal Technology” is the industry standard for duct cleaning.

A well maintained clean duct system can help you and your family enjoy many years of clean healthy breathable air. Clean duct systems are also more efficient in that there is less restriction for airflow. This will deliver softer, quieter air to your living space and your heating and cooling equipment will not work as hard to deliver the air.

As part of our commitment to the “Entire Building Envelope” concept, Archibald Heating and Air Conditioning has “Joined Forces” with the Hudson Valley’s leading Indoor Air Quality Company. KLEEN-aire.

KLEEN-aire has been inbusiness for over ten years, bringing to the table an extensive knowledge of the building envelope and Indoor Air Quality. With a Certified Indoor Environmentalist on staff we can now give timely, professional and extensive testing and evaluations on any structure.