Refigerants & Environment

One of the most important changes in our industry has occurred with the development and implementation of new ozone friendly refrigerants. Safe for environment, more efficient, new refrigerants offer new alternatives. Often quieter in operation, allowing for better dehumidification, non-ozone depletive refrigerants are here to stay.

Also a strictly enforced guideline requires all persons handling refrigerants to be licensed. Archibald Heating and Air Conditioning has adopted an industry standard procedure on installation, maintenance and repair of equipment containing refrigerants. All of our technicians receive exhaustive study and training to ensure proper system maintenance and long system lifespan.

The ban on ozone depleting refrigerants still going through the phase-out, is a major concern to the entire world. However the original refrigerants are still available, should you desire to purchase a system that does not contain the new family of environmentally friendly refrigerants.

Several reasons to chose Puron:

  1. No ozone depletion (escaped gases cause no harm to the environment).
  2. Rising costs of currently used refrigerants (service, maintenance and repair).
  3. Ownership of the refrigerant that is the future industry choice.
  4. Allows for higher operating efficiencies.
  5. Quieter equipment designs (lower operating noises).
  6. The knowledge that you are helping the environment.