Solar Heating & Hot Water

Solar Heating and Hot Water?!

The Suns Energy-What a concept!

Home Heating Oil projected to hit $ 5.00/gallon, L.P. gas right behind, Sky-rocketing electric costs. Where does it all end? How can we get these costs back under control?

How can we gain some independence from the Energy Gorilla that lives in our basement eating our lunch?

Archibald Heating and Air Conditioning was in the thick of things during the first energy crunch to hit our country during the ’70’s and early ’80’s. We are experts on the use of the sun to gather energy. A renewable resource that has a never-ending supply. A clean and unlimited energy source.

For Hot Dometsic Hot Water Heating, for Pool and Spa Water Heating, the suns energy will never let you down. The suns energy will be around for a long time to come (we hope). A way to gain some independence over the Enegy Gorilla that is eating our lunch.

A Clean Renewable Energy Source for long into the future!

Green Energy in our Homes and Businesses!

A growing awareness of our ever increasing demands on our envoriment, seems to be in the forefront of our thoughts these days. We do not have access to unlimited oil resources. The oil will run out one day, the oil prices will continue to rise during these uncertain times. We all need to find a way to divert some of our increasing energy costs, whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, trimming energy cost should be at the top of our list of things to do.

Where does all the Energy go?

As seen in the chart to the right, space heating is our largest consumer of energy. Hot water heating is one the next largest consumers. To be able to shed the Hot Water Heating load from our energy bills is a large contribution to saving money everyday. The energy needed to heat our pools and spas are not seen on the chart. These are also large consumers of energy.

Many of our clients tell us that the cost to heat their pools and spas are around $2,500- 3,000.00 per season. That is a large investment for the short return of the pool heating season. 90 days of fun in the sun is about $33.00 per day.  What if you could heat your pool or spa for pennies a day? What if you become immune to Domestic Hot Water Heating costs?

Some other Real facts of our actions.

Saving 550 therms of Natural Gas saves 3.2 tons of CO2 annually, and is like removing 1/2 the emissions from a car for an entire year. This will save almost 100 tons of CO2 through 30 years of operation.

Saving 400 gallons of fuel oil saves about 4.4 tons of CO2 annually. A typical home will reduce Greenhouse gas emissions by about 4 tons per year- more than an acre of forest, and 3/4 the emissions from a car for an entire year! This will save over 130 tons through 30 years of operation.

Conservation is a very important component in using our resources wisely, and using products that are designed to be very reliable, affordable, and save as much energy as possible is critical for our countries success and for future generations. Renewable energy is part of the solution, but conservation can provide much more cost effective, immediate, and dramatic results.

Tried and True Technology.

Although there has been a resurgence in high efficiency heating and alternative heating sources, the solar heating panel has been around a long time.

The last real viable interest in solar heating occurred in the late ’70’s and early ’80’s. Solar panels are much more efficient than the panels of yester-year. Much lighter, much more efficient and easier to mass produce, solar heating is making a real come-bak with the current energy market.

70 years of cutting edge technology!

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Installing the first central heating systems offered to the population of the Hudson Valley. Offering the first central Air Conditioning systems to the population of the Hudson Valley. Who else to trust with the decision of installing a high efficiency heating system with solar heating as away to cut energy costs?