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Federal Tax Credits!

What’s it all mean?

What is System Certification?

Why does my system need to be certified?


Manufacturer’s Certification Statement

Carrier Corporation
7310 West Morris Street
Indianapolis, IN 46231
Ph: 1-800-CARRIER

Split System Air Conditioner

The below identified split system central air conditioner (when matched with the
below identified gas furnace, if applicable) is Qualified Energy Property that
achieves a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of 16 or higher and an energy
efficiency ratio (EER) of 13 or higher, and that qualifies for the tax credit
allowed under Section 25C of the Internal Revenue Code.

The make, model number, and any other appropriate identifiers of the product:

Make: Carrier Central Air Conditioner
Outdoor Model: 24ANA136A30
Matched Fan Coil: FE5ANB004+UI
AHRI Number: 1076535
A taxpayer claiming a credit for Residential Energy Property Expenditures should retain
this certification statement and the receipt of purchase as part of the taxpayer’s records
and should consult with a tax professional to determine eligibility for and application of
the credit(s).

Under penalties of perjury, I declare that I have examined this certification statement, and to
the best of my knowledge and belief, the facts presented are true, correct, and complete.

Carrier Corporation

Chris Nelson
V.P., Sales & Marketing





There are many incentives that exist today to promote high efficiency Heating and Cooiling equipment. The Federal Government is offering 30% up to $1,500.00 for the installation of high eficiency Heating equipment, and the same applies for Central Air Conditioning Systems. However there are a few rules that must be adhered to, they are in the table that follows:


Local Utility Rebates and other incentives: