Yesterdays Heating & Cooling System

Oh, the Heating and Cooling systems of yesteryear.

What could there be to miss?

Uneven heating, uneven cooling, huge utility bills and a total lack of comfort.

No wonder old Franklin is hangin’ out near the wood stove!

  • Uninsulated duct systems delivering heated and cooled air to all the spaces outside the area of occupancy.
  • A lack of filtration you can see! Next to all of the registers, streaks of dust, dirt and who only knows what.
  • A lack of humidity, static electric shock, dried out cracked furniture, floors and dried out sinuses.
  • Hot and cold spots in the building, no zoning considerations here! No balancing, no control. The thermostat is set on 68, but it’s 72 in here. The thermostat is set on 68, but it’s 64 in here. Put on another sweater!
  • Holding your breathe waiting for the next gas or oil bill? Oil was 25 cents a gallon then, nobody cared. Todays energy market is driving us towards more efficient heating and cooling systems.