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 Carrier  Dealers earn their distinction through integrity and excellence in action. It is our performance rather than our promises that count. In all efforts that affect our customers, our business and our world, we strive to exceed every expectation in doing the right things right and in continually improving our levels of expertise, professionalism, service and customer satisfaction.  We hope that you  seek in your job the quality and service that our company can provide.

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The staff  of Archibald Heating and Air Conditioning

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2-1.25 million btuh Oil Fired Warm Air Furnaces with 30 tons Central Air Conditioning (please see customer testimonials)


List of Licenses and Certifications

City of Poughkeepsie Oil Heating License #171

City of Poughkeepsie Gas Heating License #208

Town of Poughkeepsie License-Natural Gas, Oil/Kerosene,

Liquified Petroleum Gas # 307

N.A.T.E. Certified Core

N.A.T.E. Certified Geothermal Loop Design/ Installer

Phoenix Energy Certified Socket/ Butt Fusion

Refrigerant Recovery-Recycling-Reclaiming Certified 1992 (prior to mandate) Montreal Protocol

Geosystems Accredited Dealer

Central Hudson Gas and Electric Top Flite Trade Ally

Energy Kinetics Premier Dealer Since 2007

Generac Certified Technician #345449

Central Hudson Gas and Electric Gas School Trained

Viega Radiant Factory Authorized Dealer

Carrier Coporation Customer Service Training

Star Corporation (Trane) Voyager service Training

I.B.R. Certified

Daikin Altherma Factory Authorized Dealer

I.A.Q.A. Certified

Geoexchange Certified

Wirsbo Certified Dealer/ Installer

Ener-Works Solar Certified Dealer/ Installer

R.S.E.S. Core Certified

R.S.E.S. Specialty Certified Heat Pump

Ward Manufacturing Certified Dealer/ Installer

N.Y.S. Lead Safe Workplace Certified


“Freddy” The Red Eyed Green Eyed Tree Frog

Thanks you for saving Energy!

We the staff of Archibald Heating and Air Conditioning would like to thank you for the opportunity to provide you with engineered climate control. All Archibald Heating and Air Conditioning systems are engineered to meet your individual needs. We constantly strive to recognize and provide for efficiency and total system comfort.

We the staff of Archibald Heating and Air Conditioning want you to know that our commitment to quality, timely and professional service is always at the forefront of our thoughts, an integral part of our business strategy. Never polluted by corporate buy-outs, driven solely by numbers or strictly profit oriented. We are truly driven by the commitment of a lasting and healthy relationship with you, the client. We will never forget our roots, with you the client, as our first priority.

Archibald Heating and Air Conditioning Co. is a family owned and operated company. We are currently in our third generation of service to our community. Our fourth generation is currently in training to become the leader of tomorrow.

A strong sense of pride is brought to every project. We offer design build, Plan and Spec., complete fabrication and installation, 7 day/ 24 hour Emergency Service on most major brands and a courteous, professional approach to our industry.

Products & Services

We carry a full line of products and accessories along with our full service department. Feel free to browse the pages to the right and if you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Please feel free to contact us and enjoy what 72 years of Heating/Cooling and Plumbing experience can do for you and your family!

Eight tons of Pond Loop Geothermal in Claverack, NY


“Some gave all, all gave some”

Archibald Heating and Air Conditioning is a locally owned family organization. We have been doing business locally for 74 years. We try whenever possible to use only American Made Products, accessed through local vendors who are family owned and operated.

We purchase American Made vehicles, made by American workers, who with the sweat of their own brows are supporting their own local economy. We try whenever possible to purchase tools and equipment made in the United States. We employ only skilled American Workers, who, with their efforts are supporting their own local economy. We purchase our Contractor Liability Insurance, Vehicle Insurance and Workmans Compensation Insurance through a vendor that is American Based and has been doing business in AMERICA since 1904! Oh Yeah, by the way, we pay UnGodly sums of tax money to support this country and we do it because it is the right thing to do!

If you are an offshores vendor trying to get us to purchase your products so we can ship American Dollars overseas and support your overseas economy GO AWAY!  Do not call us, do not e-mail us, do not Fax us! We do not want to speak with you, no matter how many 1/100ths of a percent your are going to save us on our purchases!

My Grandfather served to support OUR country, my Father served to support OUR country, I served to support OUR country. WE SUPPORT OUR COUNTRY! In Good Times and in Bad. We have been here for three generations, we are going to be here for many more generations. Through Wars, Depressions and many other trying times, we have been supporting the local economy and people. That is the way we have been doing business for 74 years, that is the way we will be doing business for the next 74 years.

If you are a local vendor, selling American Made Products that supports the local economy, please feel free to contact us, we would love to speak with you!