Duct Cleaning: Source Removal Technology

A dirty air duct system is nothing more than a breeding ground for many things that bother our respiratory systems. Since the quality of air we breathe indoors has become an increasingly important environmental concern, cleaning your ducts is a healthy home improvement investment.

A well-maintained and clean air duct system can help you and your family enjoy many years of clean, healthy, breathable air. Clean air duct systems are also more energy efficient because there is less restriction for airflow. This will deliver softer, quieter air to your living space and your heating and cooling equipment will not work as hard to deliver the air.

Source Removal technology is the mechanical cleaning of your HVAC system, consisting of two elements: extraction and mechanical agitation. Since dust and debris often stick to the inside of air ducts, mechanical agitation loosens it from the duct's walls. Then, extraction helps remove dust and debris to meet industry standards.

The register faces are blanked off with plastic sheeting and then are cleaned one branch duct at a time. All register faces are removed, cleaned, sanitized, and replaced. All plenums, chambers, and the cabinet of the furnace or air handler are also hand-wiped and sanitized. Source removal technology is the industry standard for duct cleaning.

As part of our commitment to the “Entire Building Envelope” concept, Archibald Heating and Air Conditioning has partnered with the Hudson Valley’s leading indoor air quality company, KLEEN-aire.

KLEEN-aire has been in business for over two decades, bringing to the table an extensive knowledge of the building envelope and indoor air quality. With a Certified Indoor Environmentalist on staff, we can now give timely, professional, and extensive testing and evaluations on any structure.

Do your ducts look like the ducts in this picture?

Uploaded Image: /vs-uploads/indoor-air-quality/Duct-Cleaning-600w.png

Dirty dark stains around the registers from your heating system? The particles that collect due to lack of filtration can build up in your duct system. These particles collect in the corner and low-velocity air-flow portions of your duct system. They begin to cling together until the duct system looks like the one in the picture on the left.

This build-up impedes airflow, which affects the performance of the system blower. Equipment which works harder is less efficient, and, as a result, your energy costs rise. These build-ups are also areas that harbor creatures such as dust mites. Dust mites feast on such build-ups and their fecal matter begins to build up in the air duct system as well.

At Archibald Heating and Air Conditioning, we employ every day, an entire system-based concept of heating and cooling your home or business. From total system installations, high-efficiency consultations, or duct cleaning, we can bring to you and your family a whole-system approach to HVAC.