Air Purification

Removing Particulates: "Cleaning the Air"

Mold, mildew, dust, pollen, viruses, bacteria. Yes, they all live in our indoor air. They circulate through our house via the duct system, normal air currents in the house, and even the vacuum cleaner. You probably never thought of the vacuum cleaner as a means of disturbing and moving all those particulates. Look at the air when the sunlight enters the window at the correct angle. Can you see all of those floating particles?

Installation of high-efficiency filtration on your existing heating or cooling system can remove 99.9 percent of all of those little nasties that cause respiratory issues. They certainly are not being removed by that blue fiberglass filter purchased at a local home store that may be only 20 percent effective in removing particulates. Where does the other 80 percent go? It sticks to the cooling coil, the inside of the duct system, and the remainder flows back into the house living spaces!

With the heating and cooling systems processing all of the air in our homes four to six times an hour, that little blue fiberglass filter just is not enough! Removing the particles that irritate our respiratory systems is one of the keys to true comfort. Installing a high-efficiency filter, as part of an equipment change-out or add-on to an existing system, will make your heating and cooling system more efficient.

Note: A high-efficiency filtration system can cut down on the amount of dusting required by removing those particulates that become entrained in our indoor air.