Whole-Home Humidification Systems

Dry air, sinus problems, itchy skin, cracked woodwork, out-of-tune musical instruments, and static electricity shocks; These are only a few of the problems created by dry air. It can also reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of your heating system.

We can alleviate these symptoms and treat the air for moisture problems with the use of a whole-home humidifier. Whole-home humidification (central system humidification) will raise the indoor air relative humidity every time the heating system turns on. In addition, humidity levels between 40 and 60 percent help you feel warmer at lower temperatures, so you can feel more comfortable while reducing your utility costs.

We at Archibald Heating and Air Conditioning can advise you as to which humidification system will best suit your individual needs. Please feel free to contact us for a quote to install a humidification system alone or in tandem with a new high-efficiency heating system.

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