Blower Door Testing: Air Sealing and Insulation

Home performance contracting can significantly reduce a building's energy consumption. This can lead to reduced equipment sizing, a great reduction in daily energy consumption, and a greater level of comfort for you and your family.

Energy efficiency is at the forefront of many people's thoughts today. The rising cost of heating fuel oil and Liquified Petroleum Gas (aka propane, a by-product of the petroleum distillation process) are of great concern to many of us today. In addition to replacing our furnaces and air conditioners to gain greater efficiency, we need to look at our houses as part of the equation.

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The whole house as a system concept is certainly not new; it has been around for a long time. As energy costs continue to rise, the whole house concept of energy efficiency has to come back to the forefront of our attention. Blower door, Duct Blaster, and Combustion Safety Testing are one of the most important factors in our decisions to save energy and, therefore, money.

Air leakage (called infiltration) can sweep countless hard-earned dollars right from your checkbook right through the open cracks and unsealed areas of your home or business. Locating and eliminating these points of infiltration and exfiltration points is the job of the blower door and the trained whole house professional.  

The Duct Blaster and Your Money

Uploaded Image: /vs-uploads/heating/DUCT_BLASTER-DISCONNECTED_DUCTS-900w.jpgThe Duct Blaster Test allows the examiner to find leaks in your duct system. Locating and correcting these air leaks makes the duct system much more efficient. This efficiency also leads to a more comfortable operating heating and cooling system. Air leaks in a duct system (as seen in the picture below) can cost you up to 60 percent of your energy costs.

Our evaluator can show you how much energy gets wasted by leaky, uninsulated, inefficient duct systems. Contact us for an appointment today.